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Hot fish dishes

«Steak of salmon in the cream souce» 120 140/30 gramme 600 rbl.
(steak in a creamy sauce with seafood)          
"Salmon steak" 120 140 gramme 550 rbl.
(boiled or roasted salmon steak served on lettuce with vegetables and lemon)  
“Sibas” 150 110/30 gramme 600 rbl.
(fish baked with grilled vegetables)          
"Mobi Dik" 120 140/50 gramme 400 rbl.
(telapia in sesame breaded, deep fried,served on lettuce with vegetables    
and sauce "tar-tar")          
  "Kleopatra" 170 140 gramme 450 rbl.
baked rainbow trout stuffed with shrimp,mayonnaise,cheese,bacon,served    
on a sheet of salad with vegetables and lemon)          
"Fish in the creamy»  225   gramme 550 rbl.
(salmon and pike perch with vegetables,stewed in cream        
sauce, served on slices of zucchini,greens)          
"Orly" 150 50/120 gramme 360 rbl.
(pike perch fillet, fried in batter, served with sauce "tar-tar")      

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