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Hot meat dishes

"Lukomorye" Dish from the chef. 350   gramme 500 rbl.
Lamb fillet,braised with vegetables: eggplant,tomato,        
peppers , mushrooms,onions,potatoes,garlic,greens,served in a pot)    
"Pocket" chicken 250 100 gramme 350 rbl.
(Roll fillet of chicken ,stuffed with herbs,           
garlic , bacon, cheese, breaded)          
"Pork steak"  120 100 gramme 600 rbl.
(Pork neck stewed in beer served with fresh vegetables)        
 "Beef steak" 120 100 gramme 700 rbl.
(beef steak,served with fresh vegetables)          
"Veal village " 350   gramme 600 rbl.
(veal sirloin roast with vegetables in a creamy sauce        
served on a potato pancake)          
Chopped beefsteak with egg 200 100/5 gramme 350 rbl.
(finely chopped beef seasoned with spices and cream)             
"Beef hussar" 350   gramme 550 rbl.
( beef stew with vegetables: eggplant,sweet pepper,zucchini,mushrooms,    
greens, garlic;served on a portion of the pan)          
"Pork at home" 350   gramme 550 rbl.
(stewed pork with potatoes, eggplant, pepper,garlic and herbs;      
served on a hot portion of the pan)          
"Pot tradesmen" 350   gramme 450 rbl.
(roast pork with potatoes)          
"Pork in French"  200 100 gramme 550 rbl.
(pork and cheese, tomato, onions,mayonnaise;          
served with vegetable bouquet)          
"Beer pan " 350   gramme 600 rbl.
(flambe of cold cuts with vegetables; served on          
portion of the pan,flamerule when submitting)          
"Chicken Tabaka" 250   gramme 500 rbl.

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